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There are some logistic problems involved with travelling independently through Tibet. For one it is forbidden by the Chinese government. It would require me to cycle large sections of this leg by night and camping out during the day.


Another complication of this route is that the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu is now only handing out 15 day visas to group tours. I would have to join a group tour and break away during the night. To sign up to a group tour I will be paying a minimum of 400 American Dollars. The expense involved in travelling through Tibet is a turn off, but not as much of a turn off as the limited time you are given to experience such an interesting country.


All I would be doing is cycling like a mad man to cover 2000km in under two weeks. In addition there has been considerable destabilisation in Nepal of late. There is an argument that Nepal is still safe for tourists, however recent events there could easily cause complications for arranging onward travel to Tibet.


The only other option left to me is the route South through the Great Indian Desert of Rajasthan, some 2000 kilometres to the port of Mumbai. I have made contact with a European Yacht Rally that is making its inaugural journey to the coast of India [first stop Mumbai] and then beyond to Thailand and Malaysia...

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Although my keen sense would prove to be well founded, due to fatigue my response was sadly lacking.  A black Peugeot sedan pulls in suddenly to the elevated barrier at my shoulder, angling in so to cut off any escape route. A lowering window reveals two men hiding behind dark glasses...