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Oxfam Australia's Support

Oxfam Australia are pleased to pledge our support for the Brink Expedition in their planned 1000 day traverse of the globe.

In aiming to bring together communities from developing countries and communities within Australia, the Brink Expedition will contribute to a greater understanding of the poverty that exists around the world, and the hardships that are endured.

Our vision is of a fair world in which people control their own lives, their basic rights are achieved and the environment is sustained. Highlighting the plight of poor communities around the world is the first step towards changing the status quo and empowering these communities to achieve their basic rights.

The Brink Expedition team have a strong commitment to social justice, and through this journey we hope that their compassion, understanding and experiences can be shared firsthand with the Australian community.

We wish them the best of luck with their momentous journey!

Penny Gorman
Director of Marketing and Fundraising
Oxfam Australia

A message from the Brink Team

We are honoured to have Oxfam Australia as a principal supporter of the Brink Expedition.

Oxfam Australia are a forward-thinking organisation, committed to strengthening the emerging global citizens movement for economic and social justice. We look forward to highlighting Oxfam Australia's contribution to the best of all possible outcomes - an equitable world where peoples basic rights are achieved and the environment is protected and sustained.

Fundraising for Oxfam Australia, we will travel by foot, canoe, kayak, sail and mountain bike over 50,000 kilometres, through some of the most difficult terrain and extreme weather on the planet. However, this journey will extend purely beyond adventure, teamwork and personal goals. It will also focus on the ability of global citizens to unite with each other in a spirit of peace, tolerance and compassion to challenge poverty and take direct action for a healthier natural environment for all. Herein lies a powerful, symbolic message focusing on the potential that lies deep within the collective human spirit to create a world of positive change.

We urge all of our supporters to become informed of the good work that Oxfam Australia is contributing around the world, and to provide support wherever possible.

We hope you enjoy the ride.

Kind regards,

The Brink Team

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