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Expedition Energy - the solar solution

While on the Brink Expedition Kendon will need electricity to power a few appliances. He will be carrying a small iPAQ Pocket PC, a video camera, a battery re-charger and a satellite phone for LIVE links to Australian schools. Usually this equipment would be run by plugging it into a power point, but while on the road he will often times be unable to access electricity in this way. The only viable alternative to powering his appliances during the expedition is to use PV modules to convert solar energy into electricity.

This is a very convenient way of running the electrical appliances because PV modules can be quite light and compact, yet very reliable and durable. Kendon will be carrying a PV module that has been generously donated by Uni-Solar ( The portable Uni-Pac10 is a sophisticated module made of thin-film amorphous solar cells, capable of producing 10.5Watts.

A major consideration for the Brink Expedition is the size and weight of the equipment to be carried, and obviously Kendon wants to minimize both. The Uni-Pac10 is a foldable PV module that collapses to about the size of a video cassette case and weighs just 0.95kg. While Kendon is cycling the Uni-Pac module will be opened out and strapped across his rear panniers so that they are exposed to sunlight. Even if the module receives just 3 hours of sunlight each day, this will normally produce approximately 30W. This will allow the powering of the iPAQ Pocket PC (10W) and video camera (12W) for 1-2 hours each day, as well as occasionally re-charging the satellite phone and small batteries for torches. Because of the construction of the Uni-Pac10, the module will continue working efficiently even in cloudy conditions (producing nearly 70% of the rated output).

The Brink Expedition 'solar solution' to powering these electrical items will enable Kendon to record his adventures and experiences from the remotest location on the planet, and share them through the Brink Adventures web site. To this end huge thanks goes to Uni-Solar for thier support of the Brink Expedition with their quality product.


Brink Expedition - energy equipment

Below is a list of the equipment Kendon will carry to ensure his electrical energy demands are met. This includes items necessary to test and maintain the solar equipment:

Equipment  Qty  Weight
Uni-Pac10 PV modules (by Uni-Solar)  x1  900
Solar regulator (charge controller)  x1  250
Connecting cable (~2m)  x1  150
AA rechargeable batteries (nickel metal hydride)  x12  300
Pocket multimeter  x1  300
Pocket multi-tool  x1  300
Total  2,200g

Note: the electrical items Kendon will be powering have their own inbuilt batteries, so we will not be taking a separate battery for charging.

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