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Performance outdoor clothing. 100% made in New Zealand for adrenaline junkies, multi-sporters, adventure travellers and urban prisoners. Created by experienced outdoor enthusiasts from the world's best high tech fabrics

Here you will find a listing of our corporate partners who have generously supported the Brink Expedition through their products and services. You may search from 1st Tier partners throught to our 4th Tier partners by using the database below..

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Partners matching this list...

A.I.Scientific (3rd Tier > $2,000)
A.I.ScientificThe IPAQ PocketPC allows the Brink Expedition to be relayed to school children around the globe.

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Akubra Hats (Australia : 4th Tier < $2,000)
Akubra HatsThe reliable Akubra is an Australian icon in hatware, famous the world over. Even on this space and weight limited expedition, the Akubra was packed to keep the harsh sun off the brow.
Crewseekers (4th Tier < $2,000)
CrewseekersPaul from Crewseekers has been providing valuable assistance to the Brink Expedition during the logistically challenging ocean legs. For anyone interested in crewing around the world the Crewseekers website is a great place to start your investigations.
Cycleogical (3rd Tier > $2,000)
CycleogicalThe team at Cycleogical, West End, Brisbane, are truly a great bunch of guys. Huge thanks to Aaron, Nick and Dillon for their enthusiasm and professional support during the expedition....
Department of Education and the Arts (Australia : 1st Tier > $10,000)
Department of Education and the ArtsEducation Queensland is a major partner of the Brink Innovative Education Project. EQ have designed an interactive map of the Brink Expedition route and provided funding for the continuation of satellite communications with Australian schools.
Dotcom Sports & Schwalbe (3rd Tier > $2,000)
Dotcom Sports & SchwalbeSchwalbe are bringing the Brink Expedition home. They are the enthusiastic suppliers of the indestructable Marathon XR!

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Earth Sea Sky (1st Tier > $10,000)
Earth Sea SkyThe ESS range of outdoor gear has performed admirably in a diverse range of conditions.

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Fujifilm (3rd Tier > $2,000)
FujifilmThe Fuji FinePix S602Zoom has proved to be extremely robust and water resistant while providing amazing picture quality...

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Griffith University (3rd Tier > $2,000)
Griffith UniversityThank you to Griffith University for supplying much of the sound equipment that is necessary for the production of the Brink documentary series.
Groupe Sportif (4th Tier < $2,000)
Groupe SportifHeavy loads over the rugged Bolivian Altiplano required the most reliable rims for an extreme environment.

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Katadyn (4th Tier < $2,000)
KatadynMaintaing health is crucial in remote areas of developing nations. Katadyn water filters are essential on extended journeys.
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Ortlieb (2nd Tier > $5,000)
OrtliebActive Planet kitted Kendon out with Ortlieb waterproof panniers. Huge thanks to Nir & Brad for thier generous support.
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Pelican (4th Tier < $2,000)
PelicanPelican cases have an unconditional lifetime guarantee. They are simply that good.

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Rotary Club (3rd Tier > $2,000)
Rotary ClubThe IPAQ PocketPC allows the Brink Expedition to be relayed to school children around the globe.

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Royal Brisbane Hospital (4th Tier < $2,000)
Royal Brisbane HospitalKendon is grateful to the RBH for making the life-flight-line phone available for the duration of the Brink Expedition, providing medical advice should times of trouble arise.
Sea to Summit (3rd Tier > $2,000)
Sea to SummitKendon uses the compact and robust Second Arrow Wilderness Equipment Tent distributed by Sea to Summit.

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Telstra Shop (Australia : 3rd Tier > $2,000)
Telstra ShopThanks to the Telstra Shop Kendon can interact with Australian schools from anywhere in the world.

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The Travel Clinic (3rd Tier > $2,000)
The Travel ClinicTravel Clinic are the experts in travel health care and provided the Brink Expedition with vaccinations and pre-travel medicals.
Tritium (4th Tier < $2,000)
TritiumJames from Tritium developed a rugged solar solution to harness the power of the suns rays from our Uni-Solar PV modules.

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Tubus (3rd Tier > $2,000)
TubusNo bicycle rack is indestructible, but Tubus from Germany is the closest you will get!

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Uni-Solar (4th Tier < $2,000)
Uni-SolarFree energy, no matter how remote the location, brings the Brink Expedition ALIVE!

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Web Hosts Australia (2nd Tier > $5,000)
Web Hosts AustraliaWeb Hosts Australia commitment to the Brink Expeditions Education Initiative has been integral to making the project a success. As a result of Web Hosts Australia's support, hundreds of schools from across the planet are able to follow Brink Adventures.
Wilderness Equipment (Australia : 3rd Tier > $2,000)
Wilderness EquipmentKendon uses the compact and robust Second Arrow Wilderness Equipment Tent distributed by Sea to Summit.

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