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Cycling the Karakoram | Pakistan Sailing the Atlantic Children of Tibet Cycling through a Himalayan winter | Tibet “FLUCCS”
Location: Base Camp | Australia GPS Coordinates: Lat 27.280S | Lon 153.01E
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Brink Adventures are very grateful to have the support of some very fine individuals and organisations....

The Hon Peter Garrett AM MP


Peter GarrettBrink Adventures are honoured to have Peter Garrett as a patron.

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Dr Bob Brown


Bob BrownBrink Adventures are honoured to have Dr. Bob Brown as a patron.

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Queensland Premier Anna Bligh


QLD Education Minister Anna BlighAnna Bligh is actively supporting the Brink Adventures Innovative Education project. 

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Dr Brian Hoepper - Qld University of Technology

Queensland University of TechnologyDR Brian Hoepper is actively supporting the Brink Adventures Innovative Education project by expertly guiding the initiatives curriculum development. 

From Dr Brian Hoepper...Show Oxfam 


Oxfam Australia

Oxfam Community Aid AbroadWith the support of Oxfam Australia, Brink Adventures will provide the opportunity for thousands of students throughout Australia and across the globe to learn from other cultures, helping to develop their understanding and empathy, their sense of awe and fascination with the complex world around them, while emphasizing their role as active global citizens.

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The Earth Charter

Earth Charter Brink Adventures expedition members are visiting schools and communities from across the globe, working with the Earth Charter network to promote ideas for a just and sustainable future. 

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International Cricket Council Development Program

ICC Development ProgramKendon is promoting the "Spirit of Cricket" with the support of the International Cricket Council Development Program. 

The ICC Development Program Manager...Show Oxfam 

Brink Partners