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Animal Protection Institute (Education - Ocean Care)
Provides information on the impacts of fishing methods on ocean life.
Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (Education - Cultures)
Links and information about how some Muslims live in Australia, including different perspectives on current issues they may face.
Australian Government - National Oceans Office (Australia : Education - Ocean Care)
Provides information on fishing regulations in Australian waters as well as other details to support Brink Curriculum Module 3 - Ocean Care.
Australian Government Dept of Environment and Heritage (Education - Ocean Care)
Gives a detailed report on Marine Protected Areas and other information supporting the activities available in Brink Curriculum Module 3 - Ocean Care.
Australian Marine Conservation Society (Education - Ocean Care)
AMCS has 4 focus areas: Sea Sanctuaries; Fisheries Unhooked - promoting sustainable fishing; Living Oceans - restoring rivers and marine habitats; and Community Engagement - providing opportunities for everyone to become involved in protecting our oceans.
Australian Solar Schools Program (Australia : Education - Global Warming)
This site includes teaching and learning activities on solar energy as well as data tracking the usage of the "solar schools network" - schools actual using solar energy to power their electricity.
BBC World Service - World Religions (Education - Cultures)
Information on a range of religions throughout the world, helping students to see things from a more informed perspective.
Bicycles Network Australia (Expedition)
Bicycles Network AustraliaThis is Australia's top cycling portal! The Australian Start Site for Cyclists.
Bike China Adventures Inc. (China : Commercial)
Bike China Adventures Inc.This site is designed to help you plan a wonderful bicycle tour in China. At Bike China Adventures, Inc., we believe small groups enhance the experience. We love cycling in China and think you will too!
Brisbane Catholic Education (Organisation)
The official site of Brisbane Catholic Education.
Clarin Newspaper (Education - Global Warming)
This newspaper site from Argentina has images and articles on the effects of climate change on glaciers in the Patagonian region.
Community Learning Network (Education - Indigenous Peoples)
Community Learning Network (Themes Link) provides teachers with a wide range of resources and links for all modules of the Brink Curriculum, particularly Indigenous Peoples of the Americas.
Crewseekers (Expedition)
CrewseekersCrewseekers have provided assistance to the Brink Boys during the logistically challenging ocean legs of the Brink Expedition. For anyone interested in crewing around the world the Crewseekers website is a great place to start your investigations.
Dawn Till Dusk Bike Shop (Nepal : Expedition)
First Nepali Mountain Bikers. Friendly Sonam Gurung deals regularly with cycle tourists from around the globe and provides quality parts and service. Highly recommended.
DFAT Australia Travel Advisories Index (Education - Cultures)
Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website, providing links to travel information and safety bulletins to assist those who are travelling around the world.
Earth Charter Australia (Organisation)
Earth Charter Australia is a growing network of people committed to a more peaceful and sustainable future. The website contains information on events across Australia as well as practical ideas for living the Earth Charter.
Earth Charter International (Organisation)
The Earth Charter is a declaration of fundamental principles for a just, sustainable, and peaceful global society in the 21st century. It is the product of a decade long, worldwide cross-cultural conversation about common goals and shared values.
Earthwatch Institute (Education - Indigenous Peoples)
"Earthwatch engages people in scientific field research and education to promote the understanding and action necessary for a sustainable environment". Useful resources also available for Ocean Care and Endangered Species.
Education - Greenhouse and Climate Change (Education - Global Warming)
Investigative science activities from the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines.
Education Queensland (Organisation)
The official site of Education Queensland.
Energy Ed - Ergon Energy (Education - Global Warming)
This site includes information on sources of energy and forms of renewable energy as well as quizzes and investigative activities for teachers and students.
Environment Australia (Education - Endangered Species)
Threatened species and threatened ecological communities within Australia is the focus of Environment Australias site. It has a Green Kids Guide full of student activities, ways you can help save threatened species and links to other useful sites
Extreme Planet (Expedition)
The concept of this web site is to find and list expeditions and adventures from around the planet on one site. Hopefully this will make the search for new adventures easier for all our fellow explorers.
Fishweb (Australia : Education - Ocean Care)
Information and resources for kids on recreational fishing, fish markets and fishing regulations to compliment the activities available in Brink Curriculum Module 3 - Ocean Care.
Global Online Adventure Learning Site (Expedition)
The GOAL of the 'Global Online Adventure Learning Site' is to bring real life adventures to the World Wide Web, with emphasis on science, technology and nature.
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (Australia : Education - Ocean Care)
Provides detailed information on Reef conservation, fisheries, tourism and recreation, with links to educational resources.
Greenpeace Climate Change and Renewable Energy (Education - Global Warming)
This section of the Greenpeace website provides background information on Climate Change, with links to news and images about glaciers in Patagonia.
Harmony Day (Education - Cultures)
Australian Government site with ideas and resources for promoting cultural diversity, goodwill and understanding in our communities, in line with International Harmony Day, March 21.
Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission (Education - Cultures)
"Face the Facts" series of activities for teachers and students. For activities raising awareness of the issues facing refugees, search for Activity 1 in the Refugees section, entitled "What's it like to be a refugee?"
Indigenous Australians Language Map (Australia : Education - Indigenous Peoples)
Indigenous Australians Language MapDavid R Horton is the creator of the Indigenous Language Map. This map is based on language data gathered by Aboriginal Studies Press, AIATSIS and Auslig/Sinclair, Knight, Merz, (1996). The map attempts to represent all of the language or tribal....
International Dates and Times (Expedition)
Shows the time, date, sunrise and sunset, latitude and longitude and telephone dialling codes of places all around the world. It even includes a small world map to indicate location.
Lessons for Hope (Education - Endangered Species)
"Activities to sustain yourself and the world around you". From the Jane Goodall Institute, this programme encourages young people to take action so that they can make a difference in the world.
Marine Stewardship Council (Education - Ocean Care)
Resources and recipes to help make the most sustainable choice when selecting seafood - supports Brink Curriculum Module 3 - Ocean Care.
Mount Kilimanjaro Ice Cap Disappears (Education - Global Warming)
News article showing how Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania has been stripped of its ice cap for the first time in 11,000 years. This article explains how global warming could be the cause...
Muslim World Travel (Education - Cultures)
Descriptive account of a "1500 mile trek by camel" - Justin Marozzi tells of his amazing cultural experiences whilst enjoying the hospitality of the people of the Middle East.
National Geographic Society (Environmental)
One of the world's most impressive magazines. People, travel, environment, world issues and more.
NOAA Research Education (Atlantic Ocean : Education - Ocean Care)
Educational information suitable for all levels available on oceans, fisheries and climate change.
Oxfam Challenge (Australia : Organisation)
Oxfam ChallengeOxfam Challenge is a way for adventurers and supporters to make a difference while exploring some of the most unique places on earth. Oxfam Challenge is not your regular package holiday. It is a different way to travel, a real adventure.
Oxfam Community Aid Abroad (Organisation)
Oxfam Community Aid AbroadOxfam Community Aid Abroad's vision is of a fair world in which people control their own lives, their basic rights are achieved and the environment is sustained.
Oxfam Community Aid Abroad - Make Trade Fair (Education - Fairer Trade)
Oxfam Community Aid Abroad - Make Trade FairTrade is one of the most powerful forces linking our lives, and a source of wealth, yet the benefits aren't being shared by all. Millions of the world's people are being left behind. Join a global movement calling for an end to unfair trade rules.
Planet Ark News Stories - Glaciers in Switzerland (Education - Global Warming)
A newspaper report explaining how a ski resort in Switzerland has "wrapped" a shrinking ice cap to slow down the melting process.
Planet Slayer (Education - Global Warming)
The animated adventures of Greena Worrier Princess contain a number of episodes that humorously consider the impact of environmental issues, especially in terms of Oceans and Global Warming.
Power for a Sustainable Future - Education Queensland (Education - Global Warming)
Using a range of fact sheets and investigative activities for teachers and students, this site includes information on sources of energy and sustainable use of energy.
Rainforest Action Network (Education - Indigenous Peoples)
"Rainforest Action Network works to protect the Earth's rainforests and support the rights of their inhabitants through education..." Excellent resources available on Indigenous Peoples, Endangered Species and Disappearing Forests.
Reef Education Network (Australia : Education - Ocean Care)
University of Queensland site with information and educational resources on reef life.
Solartec is a company based near Canberra designing, supplying and installing remote and grid connected renewable energy systems, primarily solar.
Survival - The Refugee Experience (Education - Cultures)
This website provides comparisons between the Australian and Canadian refugee situations, as well as outlining the procedures a family must undertake when seeking asylum in Australia.
Survival International (Education - Indigenous Peoples)
Survival InternationalSurvival International is a worldwide organisation supporting tribal peoples. It stands for their right to decide their own future and helps protect their lives, lands and human rights.
The Australian Greenhouse Office (Education - Global Warming)
Australian Greenhouse Office site on global warming. Provides facts and figures for households, communities and businesses in Australia as well as links to international sites.
The Fish List (Education - Ocean Care)
"The Ocean friendly guide to making better seafood choices" - with information on sustainable fishing and consumption.
The Hajj at a Glance (Education - Cultures)
Visual description of the steps involved on the Hajj to Mecca.
The History of the Middle East in Maps (Education - Cultures)
Maps and background information detailing the changes in the Middle East over time.
UNHCR Take Refuge Boardgame (Education - Cultures)
Developed by the USA group of the UNHCR - United Nations Refugee Agency, this activity helps students to identify the situations that cause people to become refugees.
United Nations Cyberschoolbus Countries at a Glance (Education - Cultures)
Range of information provided for students on different countries throughout the world.
Web Hosts Australia (Australia : Commercial)
Web Hosts AustraliaWeb Hosts Australia have been extremely generous in providing us with the hosting for this Web site. This site would not be available today without their support.
Worldwide Fund for Nature (Education - Endangered Species)
WWF are an international organisation with networks in many countries. Their website contains detailed information about their work with 6 Global Issues - Climate Change, Forests, Freshwater, Marine Conservation, Threatened Species and Toxic Waste.
WWF Global 200 (Atlantic Ocean : Education - Ocean Care)
The Global 200 is a science-based global ranking of the Earth's most biologically outstanding terrestrial, freshwater and marine habitats. It provides a critical blueprint for biodiversity conservation at a global scale.
Brink Partners