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Cycling the Karakoram | Pakistan Sailing the Atlantic Children of Tibet Cycling through a Himalayan winter | Tibet “FLUCCS”
Location: Base Camp | Australia GPS Coordinates: Lat 27.280S | Lon 153.01E
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Welcome to the Brink Expedition!

Imagine attempting a global traverse that would take you over 100,000 kilometres through some of the most difficult terrain and extreme weather on the planet. Starting deep in the heart of Amazonian South America the Brink Expedition will encounter unforgiving Patagonian winds, snowed over Himalayan Mountain passes, monsoons on the sub-continent and the oppressive heat of Australia's Red Centre.

So while the clock ticks, the seasons will turn, making this a full-throttled Race Against the Elements!

Brink Adventures Innovative Education

The Brink Adventures Innovative Education project will provide the opportunity for students to learn from other cultures, promoting an understanding of, and a fascination for the complex world around them. As well, the Brink Expedition will encourage an awareness of, and a respect for the natural environment, while emphasizing the students' role as active global citizens.

And with the aid of modern technology the adventures of the Brink Expedition will be shared with Australian schools through LIVE satellite link ups and regular on-line journals, complementing a professionally developed web-based curriculum that has been tailored specially for this global traverse.

By integrating technology and adventure into a real-life context, the Brink Innovative Education project is delivering a progressive form of education that excites and inspires young imaginations, acting as a platform for further investigation and learning.

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Expedition Initiatives

The Brink Expedition is fundraising for the humanitarian organisation Oxfam Community Aid Abroad and will also be supporting the educational aims of The Earth Charter. The International Cricket Councils Development Program, the Spirit of Cricket is being promoted as well, with Kendon pulling out the cricket bat every chance he gets!

Where to next?

Sydney, Australia.

The Route

South America
Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina

Atlantic Traverse
Azores Islands [Portugal]

Spain, Italy, Greece

The Middle East and Central Asia
Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Western China

South Asia
Pakistan, India, Nepal, Tibet

South East Asia
South East China, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia

Traverse of Timor Strait, Australia & New Zealand

Pacific Traverse
Roaring Forties

South America
Chile & Argentina (Cape Horn, Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia)


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Powering the Brink Expedition

While on the Brink Expedition Kendon will need electricity to power a few appliances. He will be carrying a small computer, a satellite phone and a battery re-charger. The only viable solution to powering these appliances is to convert solar energy into electricity.

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