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Cycling the Karakoram | Pakistan Sailing the Atlantic Children of Tibet Cycling through a Himalayan winter | Tibet “FLUCCS”
Location: Base Camp | Australia GPS Coordinates: Lat 27.280S | Lon 153.01E
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Brink Inc 2009

Performance outdoor clothing. 100% made in New Zealand for adrenaline junkies, multi-sporters, adventure travellers and urban prisoners. Created by experienced outdoor enthusiasts from the world's best high tech fabrics
 Brink (noun, date: 13th century - Scandinavian origin)
the upper edge of a steep or vertical slope; the threshold before danger or discovery; the point at which something crucial is likely to begin...
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I look forward to you joining me in 2020 as I journey to the extremities of the Australian continent and beyond...

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Brink Adventures delivers a style of innovative education that engages and inspires students. As a result we have received a tremendous response from many sectors of the community...

Indigenous Australians Curriculum Coming Soon
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Brink Adventures receives 'international recognition" for the development of innovative and engaging curriculum.

Click "HERE" to read a press release from QLD State Premier Anna Bligh.

Check out the "Spirit of Cricket in Action" from the Venezuelan jungle!
Indigenous Australians Curriculum Coming Soon
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Contact "BASE CAMP" to receive a FREE satellite phone call direct from the Brink Expedition site. Read on for more details...

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The Earth Charter | Principles for a Sustainable Future
 // An Inconvenient Truth
Brink Adventures were given permission to attend a recent press conference with former United States Vice- President Al Gore. If you want to learn about the threat of global warming then read on
Former US Vice-president Al Gore speaks to Brink Adventures.
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Thanks to the solar solution provided by Uni-Solar Kendon can share the adventures of the Brink Expedition LIVE, no matter how remote his location..... Uni-Solar Uni-Pac10 Watt Solar Panel
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Registered schools will receive -
  • A FREE Nat Geo Antique World Map
  • Access to internationally awarded curriculum tailored to Brink adventures. Modules include Endangered Species, Disappearing Forests and Indigenous Peoples of Australia
  • Password access to the Brink Adventures on-line Pen Pal Community
  • Register to join the School Room
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    Using NASA World Wind schools around the planet have followed Kendon over the Andes, across the Atlantic Ocean and beyond the Himalayas. Once installed you can monitor cyclones, monsoons, sand storms and heavy snow falls that lay in the path of the Brink Expedition...

    The amazing Brink Expedition gives students a fantastic chance to follow an environmental adventure story....
     // Enter the Spag Bol Challenge!

    Kendon's inviting you to invite him into your kitchen.... where you can showcase your finest culinary talents and serve him up your own unique version of Spaghetti Bolognaise. Being an accredited master of the pasta eating art, he will critique your work and rate it in comparison to the other tasty entries he encounters en route...

    The amazing Brink Expedition gives students a fantastic chance to follow an environmental adventure story....
     // Peter Garrett
    The amazing Brink Adventures give students a fantastic chance to follow an environmental adventure story in diverse locations where immense challenges are a fact of life. Our knowledge of what is going on around us is essential for better understanding and participation in our world...
    The amazing Brink Expedition gives students a fantastic chance to follow an environmental adventure story....
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    You can send a message to Kendon or give suggestions to the team at Base Camp. Leave your details and we will make sure to get back to you!
    Indigenous Australians Curriculum Coming Soon
     // Spirit of Cricket
    With cricket bat and bicycle Kendon stumbled across the fierce Arawak pace attack in the Venezuelan Jungle. On the Subcontinent he padded up to the juvenile back alley off spin. From the Himalayas to Australia's dusty outback this Aussie is sweeping the planet on a backyard cricketing odyssey...
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