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The ICC Development Program

"The ICC Development Program is happy to be associated with the Brink Expedition. The philosophy behind the grand journey is one that fits nicely within the ethos of the ICC Development Program Spirit of Cricket initiative...."

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The Spirit of Cricket in Action

Imagine just for a second that you are in the middle of the sultry Venezuelan Jungle and you are approached by an Arawak Indian, who among other things, happens to be a big admirer of Stephen R Waugh. Next thing you know Australian schools are fundraising to purchase kit for the cricket loving Arawak community of San Flaviano, Km46.

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Spirit of Cricket Journals

Read about the Brink Expeditions back yard cricketing adventures, Backyard with Boonie and a lot more...

Simply click on the link below to access the expedition journals page. Then click on the drop down menu for "Topic" and choose "Spirit of Cricket".

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A Land of Backyard Cricketers

by Rupert McCall

From one backyard basher to another - A spectacular innings awaits you Kendon and I certainly respect your determination to honour this legendary pursuit and at the same time, raise some dollars for a worthwhile cause.

Just remember - In whatever country you're wielding the willow "the six and out is worth it if the fruit is there to clout!"

All the best,


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Kendon reaches his maiden century on Chilean soil with a well timed pull shot into Lago del Toro

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