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Pasta Makes You Go Fasta!

Wotsamadda you eh! Gotta no respect!

'Pasta Makes you go Fasta' - Hungry cycle expeditioner

Welcome to the Spag Bol challenge - a world wide event that will no doubt pit mother against mother, grandfather against grandfather, chef against chef and Paul Newman against Paul Newman!

Kendon's inviting you to invite him into your kitchen.... where you can showcase your finest culinary talents and serve him up your own unique version of Spaghetti Bolognaise.

Being an accredited master of the pasta eating art, he will critique your work and rate it in comparison to the other tasty entries he encounters en route.

If your creation is held in high regard you will find a review and your recipe on the Brink Adventures website. If not, Kendon will help you eat it anyway.

By the end of the Australian leg of his marathon journey, you might just find that you have been crowned the Brink Expedition Spag Bol Challenge Champion of the world!

Up for the challenge?

As Kendon is on the road most days the best way of reaching him is by texting him on his mobile telephone - 0428 793 902

Use web2msg's free online text service for mobiles HERE or

E-mail Kendon at

As Kendon cycles around Australia he will document the hospitality he receives and the best Spag Bol on offer. To check out his Spag Bol Reviews simply click on the link below to access the expedition journals page. Then click on the drop down menu for "Topic" and choose "Spag Bol Recipes".

Read the Spag Bol Reviews & Recipes...Show Oxfam 

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