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We thank each of these media representatives for their interest in  the Brink Expedition.

09/12/2005 West End News

Brinks local rag publishes a storey about St.Ignatious fundraising efforts and the new cricket kit that is on its way to San Flaviano in Venezuela as part of the "Spirit of Cricket!"

06/12/2005 State-wide Radio

Ben Glass (Brink Media)and Louise Erbacher (Schools Co-ordinator) talk with ABC 612 4QR Brisbane Breakfast Show host Peter Gooch

31/7/2005 Sunday Telegraph Newspaper, Sydney.

The Sunday Telegraph publish an interview with Kendon from Dinar in Turkey!

13/7/2003 Brazilian Television

Esporte Bar - Sports Bar, Boa Vista

04/7/2003 State-wide Radio

Satellite cross from Boa Vista, Brazil with ABC 612 4QR Brisbane Breakfast Show host Paul Bodington

02/6/2003 State-wide Radio

Satellite cross from El Tigre, Venezuela with ABC 612 4QR Brisbane Breakfast Show host Paul Bodington

02/5/2003 State-wide Radio

Satellite cross from Barbados, West Indies with ABC 612 4QR Brisbane Breakfast Show host Paul Bodington

31/12/2002 Totally Wild National Television

Totally Wild (Ten Network)
Read Fact Sheet of the 31 Dec 2002 edition.

1/10/2002 National Radio

Triple J Breakfast Show with Adam & Will

29/9/2002 State-wide Newspapers

The Sunday Mail

31/8/2002 Newspapers

The Queensland Times

30/8/2002 National Radio

ABC National interview at Mary Immaculate Annerley with Year 5 class

28/8/2002 National Television

Sunrise Morning Show, Channel 7

27/8/2002 Local Radio

4BC & River FM

28/7/2002 Newspapers

The Sunday Mail

19/7/2002 National Radio

Triple J Friday night with Rosie Beaton


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