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Ortlieb Back-Roller Plus Panniers

04 February 2009 () by Kendon Glass

Ortlieb Back-Roller Plus Panniers



- Height: 42cm
- Width: 23/32cm
- Depth: 17cm
- Capacity: 40 Litres
- Weight: 1500 grams

- Polyurethane-coated Cordura nylon makes panniers durable and waterproof
- Constructed with welded seams for strength
- Designed with an easy access, roll-top closure
- Large reflectors make you visible to motorists in poor light
- Contents are held secure with two buckle closures and compression straps
- Convenient handle on top for easy carrying
- QL2 mounting system makes mounting and un-mounting panniers a snap. Lifting on pannier carrying strap automatically releases the QLR-system security catches, while releasing the strap causes latches to lock in place
- Symmetrical shape allows more legroom


There are few items that are exposed to the harsh environments on a daily basis like our Ortlieb panniers. Over the last 2 years they have forded glacial rivers, withstood tropical downpours, baked in the extreme heat and dust of Bolivian dirt roads and suffered the occasional crash and gravel rash. Making sure that your cold weather clothing and your sleeping gear remain dry in remote and often harsh locations is as essential as diligently rationing your food and water. It stands to reason therefore that your choice of panniers is absolutely crucial.

Our original panniers are still going strong and this fact is a testament to a fine product. Ortlieb are renowned worldwide for their simple and superior design that delivers a highly reliable range of waterproof products.

+ 100% Waterproof

+ 100% Reliability in harsh conditions

+ 100% Peace of mind.

+ The Ortlieb Back Roller is made of woven durable fabric, which has proved to be highly dependable on an extended trip.

+ Easy quick release mounting system

+ Spare parts and patch kit provided for easy repairs

- The plastic rear mounting systems are bending slightly out of shape causing the size 10 frame spacers to dislodge which is effecting the loads stability. It should be noted that the bending of these plastic mounting system could be attributed to carrying excess weights for long periods of time. These plastic mounting systems are also easily replaceable.

- After 2 years of constant use the internal waterproofing of the rear panniers is now starting to peel. We believe the peeling is as a result of excessive chafing with the rear panniers having had substantially more use than the front panniers. We are investigating reproofing the rear bags as the exterior of the panniers are still in excellent condition.

- The same Ortlieb design that provides all round excellent waterproofing, in humid tropical conditions can also trap moisture inside the pannier. In such conditions, as a simple precaution I would suggest using further protection for items that should be kept free from moisture.

Performance Update

3 Years on the trail & 35,000 Kilometres later

The front panniers are accessed far more often than the rear panniers, perhaps explaining that after three years of constant use the material pulled by the internal draw cord has come away from the top perimeter of both the front panniers. This has been the Ortlieb panniers only failing, however it has not in any way affected the panniers 100% waterproof status.

Now the Ortlieb panniers await their biggest test. The Brink Expedition carries more than $10,000 worth of technology in its panniers. The protection of a satellite phone, video camera, digital camera, laptop computer and Ipaq Pocket PC needed for the brink education initiative all depends on a waterproofing solution that is 100% guaranteed. I am now cycling through the Asian Monsoon which means months on months of heavy downpours. Ortlieb has undoubtedly delivered in the past. I have no reason to look anywhere else for reassurance this time. Ortlieb have proven to be a class act.

Beach cycle in Brazil

5 Years on the trail & 50,000 Kilometres later

The panniers performed without fault while cycling through the monsoon climate on the sub-continent. With years to go on the expedition the Ortlieb panniers are providing me with great peace of mind. Tibeten winter here we come.The panniers have delivered up against torrential rain and desert sandstorms. Let's see how they go in the snow.

Thank you

Go to the excellent Aktiv8 Flash website to find more information about their product range

I would especially like to thank Nir, the owner of Aktiv8 in Australia who made the decision to sponsor the Brink Expedition. Thank you also to his employees David and Brad who helped me considerably before the teams departure from Australia. Go to the excellent Aktiv8 Flash website to find more information about their product range.

Thank you

Click on the Ortlieb logo to find more information about their product range

Thanks also to the enthusiasm and support given by Christoph from Ortlieb, Germany. Click on the Ortlieb logo to find more information about their product range.

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Ortlieb Back-Roller Plus Panniers

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