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Katadyn Combi Water Filter

11 February 2004 () by Kendon Glass

The Sigg bottle being screwed onto the Katadyn water filter

Photo: The Sigg bottle being screwed onto the Katadyn water filter. Ben watches on from the verandah.


Dual Filter media: Field-cleanable 0.2 micron ceramic depth filter impregnated with fine silver powder. Granular activated carbon is in separate compartment and optional.

Effective against: Bacteria, protozoa, cysts and reduces chemicals when carbon is used.

Prevents: The Katadyn Combi water filter guards against dysentery, typhoid fever, cholera, colibacillosis, dysentery (amoebic and bacterial), bilharziasis and giardia.

Output: In ideal conditions you can pump out 1 litre of clean water per minute.

Service Life: Ceramic - Up to 50,000 litres, Activated Carbon granulate - approx. 200 litres or 6 months

Warranty: 1 year on non-wearable parts

Materials: Advanced food-compatible polymer, stainless steel, and ceramic

Intake hose length: 44"

Weight: 23 oz

The Katadyn Combi turns bacterially contaminated water into fresh drinking water. Neither boiling the water or adding chemical additives is required. The Katadyn Combi incorporates two operating modes: 0.2 micron ceramic or activated carbon/ceramic combined.

1st Operating Mode: With an average pore size of a mere 0.2 micron even the smallest known bacteria cannot penetrate the Katadyn Combi ceramic filter.

2nd Operating Mode: In the second operating mode, water is filtered through activated carbon granulate. Inserting the activated carbon cartridge will reduce chemicals including chlorine and iodine, as well as, potentially hazardous elements such as herbicides, and pesticides. The carbon granulates also eliminated unpleasant odours and returns the water to its natural taste.

Notes: It should be noted that the Katadyn Combi does not remove viruses or dissolved minerals and chemicals. Therefore it does not desalinate brackish water or seawater.

Nor is water softened by removal of the hardness, minerals, calcium, and magnesium, normally considered beneficial in water for drinking and food preparation.


Depending on the quality of the water supply, pumping our daily intake of 20 litres usually takes 45 minutes to one hour. Even with the most visibly stagnant unhygienic water supply the Katadyn Combi provides us with a clean odourless source of drinking water. Absolutely priceless.

The ceramic element is fragile and expensive to replace. This needs to be kept in mind when deciding where to pack the Katadyn on the bicycle. The ceramic element can also crack when exposed to freezing temperatures.

+ The Katadyn Combi is easily and quickly disassembled allowing simple cleaning and maintenance of the ceramic filter.

+ The ceramic filter can treat up to 50,000 litres of water.

+ A Sigg water bottle can screw directly onto the bottom of the Katadyn Combi. This provides an ergonomic position for pumping.

- The thread on the plastic adapter piece (the attachment to the Sigg bottle) has been stripped back from repetitive use in South America over the last year. Katadyn have generously couriered us a replacement adapter free of charge.

Thank you

Click here to reach the website of Katadyn for their entire range of water filters

The Katadyn Combi water filter is an expeditions life-line. I know if there is water out there and I can get to it, then I can drink it. A big thanks to Trix Ammann from the Katadyn HQ in Switzerland. I would also like to thank Terry Anderson of Outdoor Agencies who are the Australian distributor of Katadyn products!

Photo: Venezuelan children filtering 20 litres of water retrieved from the creek

Venezuelan children filtering 20 litres of water retrieved from the creek

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