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Motorola Satellite Phone 9505

12 February 2004 () by Kendon Glass

Hammock swaying pleasure

Photo: Chatting to the kids from Kenmore Primary School while in Brazil


 Dimensions: 158L x 62W x 59D mm
 Volume: under 375cc (22.9 ci)
 Weight: under 375g (13.2 ounces)
 Operating frequency: 1616-1626.5 MHz, L-band
 Link margin: 15.5 dB
 Multiplexing method: TDMA/FDMA
 Power: 0.57 watts average
 Operating temperatures:
* -30/+60 degrees Celsius using external power source
* 20/+60 degrees Celsius using Lithium Ion battery


Our Motorola Satellite Phone on the Iridium network received strong signal along our entire route through South America. Accessories include the 2-metre Mobile Magnetic Mount Antenna, which enabled us to remain low key in the built up areas of Venezuela & Bolivia - two countries on breaking point.

+ Worldwide coverage which can also be set to GSM service

+ The Motorola 9505 has the capability to operate in 21 different languages.  This is a potentially handy feature when in a foreign speaking country and someone else requires the satellite phone in an emergency.

+ The Mobile Magnetic Mount Antenna enables as to transmit and receive a signal through a window from the safety of the indoors.

+ Illuminated keypad helps around the camp at night

+ The Motorola 9505 is small and light as far as satellite phones are concerned. Much of its weight comes from the stronger protective housing on this model.

+ It seems quite robust, as it has had its fair share of shocks.

+ It is data capable - this satellite phone acts as a modem to transmit data, e-mails, images etc 

- The SMS instant messaging is only available for satellite accounts with Iridium and not for those through Telstra Australia! Something like this would of been very handy. As yet I have received no explanation why this is the case.

- As of the time of this review neither Iridium nor Telstra provide customer support to assist in establishing an infrared data connection between the Satellite phone and a Pocket PC. 

Thank you

Click here to reach the website of the Telstra Shop

Thankyou to Chris Nolan at Telstra Shop for supplying a Motorola 9505 satellite phone. Because of this generous support the expedition members will be able to conduct weekly conversations with participating schools around the world from anywhere in the world!

Photo: Kendon chatting with the kids from Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt pan in the world, 4000 metres altitude, Bolivian Altiplano.

Motorola Satellite Phone 9505

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