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Pelican Cases

16 February 2004 () by

Pelican Cases

Photo: Peace of mind, paddling down a tributary of the Amazon



Weight with foam: 6.40 Lbs
Temp min: -23 C
Temp max: +99 C
Buoyancy Lbs: Max 25

Internal dimensions in Inches: Length 14-13/16; Width 10-3/8; Height 6

External dimensions in Inches: Length 16; Width 13; Height 6-7/8

Depth in Inches: Lid 1-3/4; Case 4-1/4

Suggested Retail Price USD $124.75


Weight with foam: 1.98 Lbs
Temp min: -23 C
Temp max: +99 C
Buoyancy Lbs: Max 5.95

Internal dimensions in Inches: Length 8-3/8; Width 5-7/8; Height 3-11/16

External dimensions in Inches: Length, 9-1/4; Width 7-9/16; Height 4-3/8

Depth in Inches: Lid 3/4; Case 2-15/16

Suggested Retail Price USD $37.95

Materials and Test Specifications

Case: Copolymer Polypropylene Structural Resin (MIL STANDARD MIL-C-4150-J)

Latches: ABS

O-Ring: Neoprene Sponge (Air Transportation Association Spec. 300)

Pins: Stainless Steel

Foam: 1.7 lb Polyurethane (IP 67, IP 57 in accordance EN60529/91 & IEC60529/89)

Purge Valve: ABS - Stainless Steel - Neoprene


How do you ensure that thousands of dollars worth of electrical equipment will be free from moisture in the back waters of the Amazon, while sailing across the Atlantic or cycling into a sub continental monsoon?

Before leaving Australia we spent a lot of time researching this exact question. Peace of mind, robust and secure - Pelican.

+ To date no moisture or water has penetrated through to our electrical equipment. The ABS latches help create a perfect seal.

+ These Pelican cases are extremely strong, durable and advertised as unbreakable. Their motto is You break it, we replace itforever.

+ Pelican use a high density foam that has protected our equipment against the constant vibration and shock that is inevitable from cycling through the Bolivian Andes and the 4WD tracks of Patagonia.

+ Pelican cases have an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

- In a perfect world lighter cases would be better for our particular mode of transport. In saying that such specifications would lead to inferior product quality.  

Thank you

Click here to reach the website of Pelican for a full range of waterproof and dust resistant protective cases

Michelle Kerkvoorde Marketing Coordinator Pelican Products, Inc. - Pelican has supplied the Brink Expedition with their industry renowned waterproof protective cases. These Pelican cases are priceless. They are the only sure fire way of protecting the production equipment needed to film the Brink documentary.

Photo: Pelican cases housing all of the expeditions electrical equipment

Pelican cases housing all of the expeditions electrical equipment

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