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Uni-Solar Uni-Pac10 Watt Solar Panel

15 September 2011 () by Kendon Glass

Uni-Solar Uni-Pac10 Watt Solar Panel

Photo: The Uni-Solar panels attached to the top of the tent to maximise the suns rays | Salar de Uyuni | Bolivia


The portable Uni-Pac10 is a sophisticated module made of thin-film amorphous solar cells, capable of producing 10.5Watts. This product is a foldable PV module that collapses to about the size of a videocassette case and weighs just 0.95kg.


The Brink Expeditions Uni-Pac10 Watt Solar Panel powers the batteries for the PD150 DV Cam, Ipaq Pocket PC and Motorola satellite phone. The Fuji FinePix S602 Zoom digital camera can also be run direct from a 12V battery charged using the Uni-Solar panel. Rechargeable double A batteries are charged using a separate solar device available in most electrical stores. If so desired it would be possible to charge the double A batteries off the Uni-Solar panel as well.

The Uni-Solar panel is a piece of essential equipment that allows the expedition the freedom to go to remote locations and maintain full self-sufficiency for long periods of time. Due to the limitless clean energy source the Uni-Solar panel provides, documenting the journey extensively and maintaining high levels of interactivity with participating schools is not compromised.

+ When not in use it is easily stowed away. Folds up compactly unlike models of glass construction.

+ The Uni-Pac 10 panel is robust and flexible with tough nylon fabric. It has few breakable parts unlike models of glass construction. It is advertised as providing power even if riddled with bullet holes. 

+ An eyelet in each four corners of the Uni-Solar panel allows it to be fastened securely over the rear panniers with a minimum amount of fuss.

+ The Uni-Pac 10 panel produces energy from sunlight scattered by cloud and not only from direct sunlight. This proved useful in regions like Patagonia in South America where heavy cloud cover is a normal part of life. The Uni-Solar panels contain by-pass diodes for shadow tolerance.

- The Uni-Solar panel has a military camouflage appearance. This can cause hold ups when trying to cross-frontiers in countries such as Iran and China.

Thank You

Click here to reach the website of Uni Solar for an exstensive range of solar products for all applications

No matter how remote his location, the expeditions solar solution enables Kendon to record his adventures and share them with the world through the expedition web site and video documentary. The Brink Adventures team owe a huge thanks to Angela, Pamela and the team at Uni-Solar for generously supporting the Brink Expedition.

Thank You

Click here to reach the website of Tritium, an Australian based company who can provide assistance with a solar solution to meet your needs

A big thank you to James at Tritium who donated his time and energy to construct the expeditions solar kit. All components still going strong. Thanks James for keeping the action rolling.

Photo: Using the suns energy the Brink Expedition is able to charge and use a satellite phone from anywhere on the planet and that includes the remote tributaries of the Amazon!

Using the suns energy the Brink Expedition is able to charge and use a satellite phone from anywhere on the planet and that includes the remote tributaries of the Amazon!

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