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Aussie Kids deliver the Spirit of Cricket

18 December 2005 (Australia) by Ben Glass

Ben with the St.Ignatius team, preparing to send the new cricket kit off to the jungle in Venezuela! [image courtesy of Patria]

Photo: Ben with the St.Ignatius team, preparing to send the new cricket kit off to the jungle in Venezuela! [image courtesy of Patria]

Late last year grade 6 students from St. Ignatius Primary School located in Toowong,  Brisbane, Australia presented Brink with a cheque for $175 to help purchase cricket equipment for an Arawak Indian community met during the South American leg of the Brink Expedition 2003. Well it has taken us a while but now we have gathered the rest of the money required and purchased a big bag of kit to be sent to our friends at San Flaviano Km 46 in the southern jungle area of Venezuela. Ben recently went back out to St Ignatius Primary School to present the cricket equipment to some of the children involved in last year's fundraising effort, before freighting it off to Venezuela.

The cricket kit includes:

2 County Warne Twin Scoop - SH
3 Pair Puma Velocity Pads
1 Pair Puma Velocity WK Pads
3 Pairs Puma Velocity B/Gloves
2 Kookaburra Belta Thigh Pads
3 GN Protectors
1 Pair Puma Velocity W/Keeping Gloves
1 Pair County Padded Cotton Inners
1 Set Kookaburra Stumps - 6 Stumps and 4 Balls
1 Scorebook - GN Deluxe
2 GN Umpires Counters
1 GCCC Nylon Kit Bag
6 Raider Leather Cricket Balls

We have informed our Venezuelan friends that the cricket kit is coming and they have sent us a very exciting mail. Here is a snippet:

"Oh boy! We will have Christmas throughout the year. We are planning that if we get the cricket kit we will organise a match for next year's carnival.
Tell everybody who collaborated that their help is worth millions. We at this end do not have enough to thank you for your help."

- from Daniel & Dawn, community elders.

Special thanks to Teresa McNamara, Denise Shaw, Carlie Driscoll and all the children at St Ignatius.

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Photo: Kendon with the Invincibles

Aussie Kids deliver the Spirit of Cricket

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