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Thailand Update

27 May 2007 (Thailand) by Kendon Glass

Thailand Update

Photo: Overhaul and another weld on 'Trusty Rusty' in Bangkok

So much has happened over the years of this journey and there is much that has not made its way onto the web. On the road it has not always been easy to put pen to paper with the cold nights conducive to lulls in expression to the sweat from the tropics typically blurring the ink. It is also not a surprise that years on the road has gone no way towards improving my typing speed. It makes sense for future trips to investigate the application of pod casts, expedition journals in audio format. Lots of exciting possibilities ahead in the area of web based interactivity.

In the coming weeks I will be uploading journals about cycling to Everest Base Camp. I also have some interesting stories from the challenging cycle east through Tibet in the early winter months. After I finish putting the Tibetan journals online, with the trip coming to an end shortly, I will endeavour to deliver the journal updates as they happen.

To this end I have added RSS feed capabilities to the Brink web site. For those who are not familiar with what an RSS feed actually is I have included a help page. RSS(Really Simple Syndication) as it suggests is pretty straight forward. In a nutshell RSS allows users browsing the Internet the ability to be notified when the Brink Expedition has added an expedition journal update to the web site. You can get news on the latest adventures from the Brink Expedition (or even audio files, photographs or video) in one place, as soon as they are published, without the need to remember to visit the expedition web site. And the best bit is, you don't even need to give out your e-mail address. Read more here...

Having just welded my bicycle frame for a second time I've turned south out of mega-metropolis Bangkok and am well and truly on my way to Australia. Earlier this month I was enlisted to sail to Wyndham, WA from Phuket in Thailand, but unfortunately I was cycling to far out and the opportunity was missed. I'm heading down the coast of Thailand and hoping that a similar opportunity pops up. If so, I could be on home soil inside of two months.

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Photo: Bangkok Traffic

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