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Cycling the Karakoram | Pakistan Sailing the Atlantic Children of Tibet Cycling through a Himalayan winter | Tibet “FLUCCS”
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Image Selection | People

These thumbnail images have been designed for Media Professionals to aid with their selection process.

Media can receive high resolution images (300 dpi) from the Brink Expedition via:

  • E-mail | Browse the Media Gallery, make your selection and click on any thumbnail to forward Brink an e-mail. Request the images you require, stating the image indicator e.g. Brink 3, People 7. Base Camp will then forward your selection via e-mail. Please provide guidelines for image quality and existing file size limits placed on your incoming e-mail.

  • Password Enabled Download [PED] | All image discriptions that include the acronym [PED] are available as on-line downloads from a secure site with password protection. Click on a thumbnail to e-mail your password request to Base Camp. The password will remain valid for 48 hours. If you also require images without [PED] status please follow the 'E-mail' guidelines above.

Note: To view the image indicator, PED status and image description simply place your pointer over the image.

Once you have received your password from Base Camp, click HERE to download high resolution images.

Use the links below to browse more images from the Brink Expedition:

People 1 [PED] | In the Eyes of Children | Santa Rosa | Venezuela

People 2 | Epi | A cabin in Ushuaia | Argentina

People 3 | Youth Carnival | Brazil

People 4 | Thiago on the Beach | Brazil

People 5 [PED] | Horseman near the Pamir Mountains | Kyrgyzstan

People 6 [PED] | First Contact | Brazil

People 7 | Golden Smile | Kyrgyzstan

People 8 [PED] | Bazaar World | Uzbekistan

People 9 | Sharpening the Blade | Samarkand Bazaar | Uzbekistan

People 10 | Vivo Brazil! | Boa Vista | Brazil

People 11 | Morning Bread | Osh Bazaar | Kyrgyzstan

People 12 [PED] | Traditional Dress | Mary | Turkmenistan

People 13 [PED] | King of the Snotties | Kyrgyzstan

People 14 | Fruit Stall | Osh Bazaar | Kyrgyzstan
People 15 | Serious Looks | Road to Kashgar | China

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