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Speak with Kendon on the Brink Expedition

Education Queensland has provided funding for 'Australian schools' to receive FREE satellite phone calls LIVE from the Brink Expedition site.

There is only one catch. You need to be registered with BASE CAMP.

NOT registered yet? Don't worry, you can start your registration by reading the application requirements HERE.

If your class is already registered with BASE CAMP please read on!

Satellite Link Guidelines

In the world of satellite technology nothing is for certain. The following guidelines have been provided to help facilitate your link via satellite.

  • The satellite link from the Brink Expedition site will be for 10 minutes duration.

  • Satellite links will only be conducted on Wednesdays and Fridays. When finalising a time for your call, Brink Base Camp needs to consider international time zones. This may require some flexibility on your behalf.

  • If your satellite link to the site of the Brink Expedition experiences technical difficulties AND your call was less than 7 minutes in duration, you can request a new satellite link for the following Monday.

Satellite Link Prerequisites

  • The class should prepare a maximum of ten questions. Due to time constraints all of these questions may not be answered. An on-line transcript of the satellite call including replies to any unanswered questions will be uploaded as a School Room Journal.
    | See an example HERE...

  • The students participating in the Satellite link have been engaging in one of the Brink Curriculum modules during class work.

  • Students questions should focus on subject matter relating to the Brink Curriculum module that they have covered in class work.

  • The phone number supplied by the teacher to Base Camp needs to be a direct line into the room of the participating class.

Book your Satellite Link

you can use the contact details below to arrange a suitable time for receiving your satellite call.

Brink Education Co-ordinator


Louise Erbacher


Kendon visiting a school along his 

Photo: Kendon visiting a school along his route

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