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Brink Adventures Curriculum

As a member of the Brink School Room, we invite you to download the Brink Adventure Curriculum Modules. Professional developers have worked with the Brink organisation to create units of work linking the Brink "Hotspots" to the Curriculum Modules. Each module has been developed in line with the Queensland SOSE Syllabus, following the framework of inquiry based learning. The modules are available for both Primary and Secondary contexts, reflecting the SOSE junctures for Years 3, 5, 7 and 9.

Each module includes an Overview, Resources and a sequence for Teaching and Learning. While teachers are free to download the Brink Curriculum Modules, we encourage all teachers to adapt, modify or supplement the units in order to suit their own classroom contexts, the needs and interests of their students and the resources they have available to them. Teachers and students are able to complement the Brink Curriculum Modules through access to Brink Journals, Brink Factfiles and Brink Links.


Earth Charter for Children

An overview of the four main principles of the Earth Charter - Values and Principles for a just and sustainable future.

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Module 1

The Brink Expedition and The Earth Charter

The Brink Expedition provides an immediate and active example of the Earth Charter in action. A series of values and principles promoting a just and sustainable future, the Earth Charter is closely linked to the concepts and outcomes of the Queensland SOSE syllabus. Module 1 is an introduction to the adventure of the Brink Expedition, encouraging students to act and respond to social and environmental issues.

Focus Questions include:

  • What is the Brink Expedition and how is it raising awareness of social and environmental issues?
  • How do we make decisions about managing the world in which we live?

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Module 2

Indigenous Peoples of the Americas

The Brink Expedition travels through the Amazon region, meeting with the Chief of the Yanomami Nation. This module tells the story of the Yanomami as they struggle to survive their own "Race Against Time."

Focus Questions include:
  • What challenges are facing the Amazon and its indigenous peoples?
  • How has contact with non-indigenous peoples affected the lifestyle of the Yanomami?

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Module 3
Ocean Care

In a 'Race Against the Elements' the Brink Expedition sails across the Atlantic Ocean from South America to Europe before the hurricane season takes hold. Join the Brink Expedition on a voyage of discovery by using Module 3 to investigate Ocean life.

Focus Questions include:
  • How do human activities affect the health of oceans?
  • How can we use the oceans resources sustainably?

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Module 4
Global Warming

Global warming is emerging as one of the major issues facing our future. In this module, students will investigate the extent of the threat of global warming and explore the actions that are being taken to overcome those threats in both the European context and the Australian context.

Focus Questions include:
  • What are the debates about global warming?
  • What can individuals do to make a difference to the issue of global warming?

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Module 5
Understanding Cultures

The Brink Expedition will share a rare insight into the culture of the people from the Middle East, spending time with many families and communities throughout the region. Their experiences will be documented online to encourage students to critically reflect on their perceptions of their own culture as well as the culture of other communities.

Focus Questions include:
  • What perceptions do we have of people of the Middle East?
  • In what ways can we challenge our own and others' perceptions of Islam and Muslims?

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Module 6
Fairer Trade

This module closely correlates with Oxfam Community Aid Abroad's "Make Trade Fair" Campaign. Travelling through South Asia, the Brink Expedition will be visiting Oxfam projects on the ground to investigate these issues.

Focus Questions include:
  • How do we know if the people who make the products we buy are being paid fairly?
  • What action can individuals take to make a difference to unfair trade practices?

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Module 7
Endangered Species

The mascot for the Brink Expedition is none other than Australia's most famous of extinct species - the Thylacine, or Tasmanian tiger. As the Brink Expedition travels through South East Asia, this module will focus on the threats to species throughout the region and the possibilities for protecting such species.

Focus Questions include:
  • What causes some species to become extinct?
  • Why should the endangerment or extinction of species concern us?

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Module 8
Disappearing Forests

From Indonesia to Australia, the Brink Expedition will focus on the issue of deforestation and its ensuing effects. Tasmania's Styx Valley makes a special appearance during this module.

Focus Questions include:
  • What challenges are facing the world's forests?
  • Why do we need to work for the future survival of the world's forests?

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Module 9
Indigenous Peoples of Australia

With the Brink Expedition reaching home soil, the Australian route will extend around Australia from the Top End, the 'Red Centre' and onto the southern states. As he cycles around Australia, Brink Adventures expedition member Kendon Glass will be spending time with the indigenous communities along the route.

The main focus of this module is to provide students with an opportunity to aquire knowledge about Aboriginal stories and the interconnected nature of the relationship between indigenous Australians and their environment. As students engage with the various learning experiences in the module, students will reflect on their own relationship with the environment, ultimately presenting their responses through art and story.

Focus Questions include:
  • In what ways have aspects of Australian indigenous culture been represented in the media?
  • What do the stories and customs of Australia's indigenous people reveal about their culture?

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