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Cycling the Karakoram | Pakistan Sailing the Atlantic Children of Tibet Cycling through a Himalayan winter | Tibet “FLUCCS”
Location: Base Camp | Australia GPS Coordinates: Lat 27.280S | Lon 153.01E
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Register with the Brink School Room and Receive

By developing quality educational materials around the framework of SOSE (Studies of Society & Environment), we have provided the opportunity for students around the world to learn from other cultures, helping to develop their understanding and empathy, their sense of awe and fascination with the complex world around them, while emphasizing their role as active global citizens.

Once you have completed your on-line registration and met all of our Application Requirements, your class will receive the following:

Web Resources

  • Access to Brink Curriculum Materials

    • Teacher Pack: an overview of the Brink Curriculum, useful websites and links with SOSE syllabus outcomes.
      | Read more HERE

    • Curriculum Modules: each module includes an overview, resources and a sequence of teaching and learning activities.
      | Read more HERE

    • Fact Files: supporting resources for the Brink Curriculum.
      | Visit the Fact File database HERE

    • Brink Links: supporting resources for the Brink Curriculum.
      | Visit the Brink Links database HERE
  • Access to an interactive expedition map packed full of resources for your class. The route maps interface includes links to curriculum modules, slide shows, fact files, photo gallery and expedition journals with video!
    | Launch the interactive Flash map HERE!
  • NASA World Wind technology: NASA has made available the World Wind program for use with the Brink Innovative Education Project. With this amazing dynamic 3D planetary visualisation tool your students can intimately track the Brink Expedition and enter a whole new world of discovery.
    | Download World Wind and start tracking the expedition HERE!
  • Video captured from the Brink Adventures expedition site.
    | See example HERE!
  • Real-time translation of the Brink Expeditions Latest Journal' into Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. At present Brink Expeditions are limited to providing the translation service for the 'Latest Journal'.
    | Translate the Latest Journal HERE!
  • Teachers and students can stay up to date with Brink by simply registering to receive the monthly Brink Alert e-Newsletter. As from December 2005 the Brink Alert has taken on a new look and is now available on-line!
    | Read archive Brink Alerts HERE!
    | Teachers and students register to receive your Brink Alert HERE!

Physical Resources

  • A FREE Brink Survival Pack that includes the following materials:

    • Supersize National Geographic Antique World Map
    • Map stickers for tracking the Brink Expedition route
    • Brink CD Rom including the latest Brink Curriculum Modules and associated resources
    • Brink Expeditions poster
    • Brink Expeditions brochure
    • UNESCO CD Rom Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future
    • The Earth Charter values and principles for a sustainable future
    • The Earth Charter for Children

Please note: There is a limit of 1 Survival Pack per registered school. The co-coordinators of the Brink Schoolroom will strive to meet all requests. Please understand, Brink Expeditions is not for profit organisation with finite resources.


  • The Brink Challenge | A task driven competition requiring interaction with the expedition member! Students can participate in the adventure by researching points of interest along the route and formulating a robust challenge that requires the expedition members to investigate and report their findings. The Brink Expedition member will choose the challenge with the ultimate mix of mystery, discovery and adventure. The successful entry will win:

    • An ICC cap signed by a cricketing international.

    • A FREE satellite phone hook up for the whole class, LIVE from the challenge site! Dialogue excerpts from the satellite phone link up and a photo of the lucky class will also be included on the expedition website for your friends and family to see!

  • Satellite Phone Link | Education Queensland has provided funding for 'Australian schools' to receive FREE satellite phone calls LIVE from the site of the Brink Expedition.
    | Read more HERE

  • Guest Forum | A versatile threaded discussion tool with separate forums for students and teachers to interact with the Brink Expedition.
    | View the Guest Forum HERE!
  • Password access to the Global "Pen Pal" community | This unique platform will assist children from every corner of the globe to form special friendships while helping to build respect for different cultures and their natural environments.
    | View the participating schools HERE!
  • Automatic registration to the Supporters' Club | You will receive the regular Brink Alert e-newsletter.

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